Steemzzang Daily Report 2022-11-03

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금일 스팀짱 싸이트 관련 홀더수및 토큰 보유 현황과 관련 정보
Today, the number of holders and tokens related to Steemzzang and Related Information.
今天與Steemzzang 相關的Holder 數 及Token的持有現狀和 相關信息

Zzan 토큰 홀더순위(ZZAN Rich List; zzan 位次)

# Account Balance Stake Effective Stake

ZZAN TOKEN 거래현황(ZZAN Trade history; ZZAN交易現狀

No Trade History Yesterday

지속적으로 스팀짱을 이용하여 주시는 유저여러분께 무한한 감사를 드립니다.
I would like to express my infinite gratitude to the users who continue to use Steemzzang.


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