[Notice] zzan witnesses's full node is restart!

in witness-category •  9 months ago 

Hello steemian! I'm @zzan.witnesses

We have restarted the full node, so we will let you know.

Update history

  • Version update (0.23.1)
  • Hivemind update
  • SSL update (address has been changed)

Full node address

Full node spec

CPU:Intel Single Xeon E5-2650v2 8c/16t 2.2-3.0GHz
RAM:128GB Samsung DDR3 RDIMM 1600MHz ECC
Storage:1.92TB SSD Micron 5100 ECO
Bandwidth:500Mbit/s Unmetered
OS:Ubuntu 18.04 64

Our Steemzang community(https://www.steemzzang.com/) doesn't have a witness server. But we run full-node and seednode.
Therefore, we are planning a policy that supports witnesses, not direct operations.
Please feel free to contact any witnesses who need our help.

Thank You,
Yours sincerely,

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반가운 소식입니드앙~! 💙

항상 수고 많습니당~! 💙

항상 행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^
2020 스팀 ♨ 이제 좀 가쥐~! 힘차게~! 쭈욱~!

증인투표 가보니 아직 꺼져있는데, 빨리 제대로 돌아가기를 기대합니다.^^