Test Play For Holybread #9

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Holybread is a new RPG style browsergame on steem that will be released in January 2020.

Below is the latest update from @holybread with personal game sharing from @thebluewin.

I found out from @auminda at discord that the test play would end on 2nd January 2020 at 10 a.m. UTC +1.

After the end of the test play, I guess @thebluewin and @auminda would discuss the areas that they want to make improvement before releasing the game to everyone.

The exact date for the release of Holybread is not confirmed yet but we do know it would be in January 2020.

Holybread logo.png

Referral Link For Holybread

I just noticed that there is a personal referral link for Holybread under the daily tasks.

ref link.PNG

There were some discussions about the use of referral link but generally most test players felt that it should not be used for earning steem but getting bread would be a nice reward.

The referral link is not active at this moment.

The final decision of the reward is not finalised yet but there is a good chance that those who refer players can get 5% or 10% of the purchased bread when the invited player buys bread.

The focus of holybread is still playing the game and not about earning money.
Breadcrumbs gathered during the game would be tradable at steem engine in future as an added bonus for playing the game.

New Weapon For My Lower-Level Hero

@auminda had increased the number of items from 6 to 9 at the Item Store yesterday and I finally manage to have a weapon for my archer after many days without a weapon due to its low level.

Hero2 status.PNG

I guess @auminda may have made this decision after reading my post yesterday. (Thank you!)

His damage without a weapon was only 6 yesterday. After getting a weapon, his current damage is 137 at the point of my screenshot.

There is a cool difference of 131.

Getting a good weapon can play an important role in getting us up the rank at Arena but good weapons are limited and it is really by chance.

I am glad to get a weapon for my archer finally.

Need To Fight More

I really need to fight more at the Arena so that I can unlock my hero3.

Hero3 unlock requirement.PNG

Looking at my team status, you can see that I have used up enough energy but I am lacking in the number of fights to unlock hero3.

You can expect me to attack more now so that I can unlock this hero3.

Fight history.PNG

Arena Zone

I was at rank 12 in the Arena yesterday but I just move up to level 10. The weapon for my archer may have played a part for this.

fight rank.PNG

I was wondering about the status level listed on Arena yesterday as it does not tally with the status level of my main hero with the higher rank.

@auminda was kind enough to explain it as comment in my yesterday post that the status rank at the Arena is a total status rank for all team members.

We can see that my status rank is listed as 36 at Arena. My hero1 is level 13 and my hero2 is 23 so that gives a total of 36. (Thanks @auminda for explaining this)

My total breadcrumbs is 214790 at rank 7.


Character Status

I was at Level 20 for my Character Status yesterday. I managed to move up to Level 23 which is 3 levels up.


The reason why I was able to level up by 3 levels is because I did not focus on the amount of gold that I can earn at quests but the experience that I can gain when I compare by 5 min which I explained in my previous test play for holybread post 7.

Damage Increase: From 286 to 293
HP Increase: From 4586 to 5393
Crit Chance Decrease: From 14% to 13%
Strength Increase: From 120 to 123
Constitution Increase: From 104 to 107
Luck Increase: From 113 to 116
Intelligence: Remain at 19.
Dexterity: Remain at 17.

There is a drop of Crit Chance by 1 % that is due to the calculation by the system based on all the players of the same level.

My daily sharing of my experience of Holybread has some of my personal questions as well as reflection for being a test player.

I am glad to know that the developers and administrators of this game have found it useful as they get to know our thoughts as players.

They may not know what we do not know as they thought we know but we really do not know.

By posting my journey of playing Holybread, it gives an insight to the potential future players of Holybread.

I am not an expert and I am learning like the rest.

I do not have answers for everything but I am glad that @thebluewin and @auminda come into my post to answer the questions of different test players.

The support that I get from various steem communities for my post is a good indication of the positive support they have for the coming new steem game, Holybread.

I am really surprised to get so much support.

I am grateful for the support that I am receiving so far.

This is all I have to share today and thank you very much for reading it as I am surprised that many read to the end even though it can be quite lengthy.

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