Test Play For Holybread #8

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Holybread is a new RPG style browsergame on steem that will be released in January 2020.

The official post link from @holybread is below.

The latest update from @holybread with personal game sharing from @thebluewin.

Thank you @thebluewin for mentioning my daily post in the above post update of holybread.

I started out doing these series of Holybread personal gaming updates but I have never expected to receive so much support from different steem communities.

I am grateful for the support from @nextcolony, @curie, @curangel and @good.game (steemace) for my personal sharing of my gaming experience as one of the test players for the new Holybread steem game.

There are also many test players who regularly come by to read and support my posts.

I believe the amount of support that I get is a good indication of the support that the different communities have for the new steem game, holybread.

I can only say ‘Thank you’ from the bottom of my heart for all the support given to my humble posts.

Holybread logo.png

Typical Player

I have made a decision not to spend steem to buy any items so that I am a good example of a typical player who wants to play the game without the need to spend.

I did not enter the game until many hours later after the release of the test play so I was already behind the rest of the test players.

There are some test players who used steem to buy bread to reduce the waiting time and some also purchased items or heroes from market using steem.

Without spending steem, I am spending about 3 hours daily to catch up with them.

From the current total prizepool of 904.597, I have a share of 5.43% (48.32 steem) which would be paid to me if the developer decides to stop the test game period now.

Prizepool share.PNG

The percentage of my share of the prizepool is based on the amount of breadcrumbs that I gathered which I would probably get lesser as each day passes because I am unable to get good weapons to equip my heroes to rise in rank at the Arena.

The game play is not too intensive as it is not the arcade type so it simply takes patience to play.

The fact that I am playing a game with a chance to get some steem is already a bonus regardless of how much it would be in the end.

Many of the games that we play do not let us gain a single cent except for leisure.

My Current Disadvantage In The Game

One of the factors that can really help us to stay above the rest would be having good weapons and items for all our heroes in the team.

I am unable to get really good items at the moment to equip my heroes.

The new additional hero that I manage to add in few days ago is unable to get a weapon for her level.


She is an archer with a current rank of 9 since I kept completing quests to gain experience for levelling up.

She is unable to get a weapon from the start even after few days as most weapons are of higher level.

Both slingshots from the item store and market are at level 14. The only chance to get a lower level weapon is through quest if she happens to get one.

item store.PNG

market slingshot.PNG

The chance of getting a lower rank weapon would be low so the best thing to do is to keep levelling up so that she can get a weapon of a higher level.

I wonder whether the developer should consider having more items at the item store since the later heroes added to our team would be at lower level especially for the hero3 slot.

Just a thought at the moment regarding the difficulty in getting a weapon for my lower rank hero.

Fight Sequence

@thebluewin has kindly visited my post to answer a question that I have about the order of fight in the arena.

He shared that hero3 will always fight first followed by hero2 and the last to fight would be hero1 during a fight at the Arena.

I actually switch my weaker hero to hero1 slot so that she would fight last but there is not much effect at the moment since she does not have a weapon as I mentioned earlier.

He also mentioned that Luck plays a part of who attacks first in the Arena. Whoever has more luck will hit first. If both heroes have the same value, it is randomly decided by the system. (I believe he was referring to our fight with our opponent if I interpret it correctly)

Arena Zone

I am at rank 12 in the Arena with 156.91 breadcrumbs every 15 min.

Fight Rank.PNG

My total breadcrumbs is 197456 at rank 7.


My total breadcrumbs is high because I ever stayed at rank 1 of Arena for few hours so I gathered some nice amount of breadcrumbs then.

Character Status

I was at Level 18 for my Character Status yesterday. I managed to move up to Level 20 which is 2 levels up.


I did notice that my status rank was listed as level 29 at the Arena but my actual status is at level 20. Perhaps it is another bug to rectify.

Damage Increase: From 242 to 286
HP Decrease: From 4748 to 4586
Crit Chance Increase: From 9% to 14%
Strength Increase: From 100 to 120
Constitution Decrease: From 119 to 104
Luck Increase: From 64 to 113
Intelligence Increase: From 17 to 19.
Dexterity Increase: From 16 to 17.

The reason for the decrease of my HP is due to my change of item.

I had to make a decision of equip my hero with an item that would increase his damage but reduce his HP.

Since my damage is low when compare with similar rank so it makes sense to do so.

My HP is quite high so I should be able to afford this slight sacrifice for an increase of damage which I am lacking.

I am grateful for all the unexpected support for my daily post and I would like to thank everyone who has supported these daily posts so far.

That is all I have to share for my gaming at Holybread today.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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Dear @delegate4gg

From my experience, buying bread doesn't give almost any advantage. Which is kind of sad.

At the end of the day energy is recharging within same speed. So speeding up process of doing quests/recovery after fight isn't really much of an issue.

After all if I would decide to use bread few times, then I will very quickly reach the point where I don't have any energy left and I need to wait for it to recharge.

I myself bought bread worth 5$ (35 pieces) and I didn't even use all of them yet - and I already reached stage where my energy and safed energy are 0.
Reality is that some people will create bots, which will click "quest" for them once-twice every one hour. And demand for current "bread benefits" may not be having much meaning.

From player point of view, I would more likely purchase some product with increase things that matter to me:
for instance increasing recharging energy o +1, which would last day or two. And only can be consumed once at the time.

The percentage of my share of the prizepool is based on the amount of breadcrumbs that I gathered

what I like about prizepool in holybread is idea, that part of STEEM used to purchase bread is going into this prizepool. That will involve many users to participate in this game on more serious level.

Yours, Piotr

You definitely have a good point there. Let's say we have 100% of our energy. We actually need to wait for 100 min to use up all our energy. Those with lots of bread may only take less than 6 min to use up all the energy. I guess the recharging would be the same amount of time but with reduce of wait time, the return of energy may provide more quests within a day if one chooses to keep using bread. Those top players may have done that resulting them actually buying lots of bread which we can see from the transaction at the account @holybread.test. You may be right too that it may not make a great difference.

Thank you @delegate4gg for your newest update.
Each player can earn a certain amount of bread (6 atm each day) by doing daily tasks. There may be more possibilities in the future. Have you ever considered using bread to reroll at the item store? When you reroll items you can decide what hero (level area) you want to have new items for. Also there will be an update tonight. We changed the item store from 6 to 9 items. I hope with this and the idea of rerolling you will find a good weapon for you archer.
Also something that is more of an emotionally thing because I am responsible for all hero and item graphics, your archer is male :) I know he has kind of a female touch which was on purpose but he is the counterpart to that little girl (see my second hero). :D
Now I want to explain why your level at the arena is 29 whereas your hero1 level is 20. At the arena, we see the level of all of your heros together. For example: My hero1 is currently at level 22, my 2nd hero at level 17 and 3rd hero at level 3. I don't know if you can see me at the arena but under my avatar you can see my level of 42. If you click on each hero below you can see the individual level of the hero.
I know bread doesn't have a lot of options to be spent for now. But you can be sure that there will be more features coming up.

Thank you for your wonderful visit to explain things. I understand that the status level indicated at the Arena is the total ranks of all team members now. I would never have understood why if you did not come and explain this. I manage to finally get one weapon for my Archery after the increase of items from 6 to 9. Thanks for regularly providing information to us and I guess my post becomes a point of contact for other players too. Didn't plan it this way but it really helps not only me but other players to understand the game better. Appreciate your visit and explanation again.

Hi! I'm playing holybread too ^_^

But I ran out of bread!!! T.T :/

How can I get more???? o.O? T.T

@jadams2k18 There are two ways to get more bread. First of all there are daily tasks. If you click on your profile picture on the left top you will see them. You can claim bread if you did 5 quests a day, won 3 arena fights a day and bought an item from the item store. At the moment this is the only way to get bread for free. If you want to have more bread you can click on "Bakery" on the sidebar left. There you can buy bread for Steem. You don't neccessarily need bread to play the game. It just gives you more convenience atm in terms of skipping quests and arena cooldown. also you can reroll items at the item store for bread. Also you can buy heroes at the recruit section for bread right at the moment but this will be changed before release.

Thank you, Thank you very much!! That's great to know.

Btw, there is hero2 and hero3 lockdown... How can I unlock them?

Click on Team on the sidebar left. You will see the slots for hero2 and hero3 . They are locked and you will see what to do to unlock them. For hero2 you need 35 arena fights and 650 spent energy. For the 3rd hero you need 100 arena fights and 2000 spent energy. Those numbers will be adjusted before the game will be released though.

Ok. Thank for the information :)