Test Play For Holybread #7

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Holybread is a new RPG style browsergame on steem that will be released in January 2020.

The official post link from @holybread is below.

It was great that my previous post for ‘Test Player For Holybread #6’ had received an upvote from @curie.

My daily post about Holybread is raising awareness of this new steem game indirectly.

Holybread logo.png

I started this series of update for my personal play as test player for Holybread as I notice that no one is posting about it so I took the initiative to do it while I am still having my school holidays.
(I am currently a school teacher and the new term would start on 2nd January 2020.)

Calculation and Decision Making At Quest

For those who are not test players, the quest tab in the menu is the place to gain gold, points for levelling up and items.

The quests do not need us to do anything except to choose waiting time of 5 min, 10 min or 15 min for different amount of gold and points for levelling up.

The amount of gold and points for levelling up will be different for each timing as well as 3 different quests to choose from.

I have recently tried comparing by 5 min in terms of the gold and points.
If it is 10 min, I would divide the gold and points by 2.
If it is 15 min, I would divide by 3.
By doing so, everything can be compared in terms of 5 min.

The decision that I had to make is whether I want to get more points or gold since the amount is always different.

There are times when we want more gold, we would have very little points to gain with the opposite also happening.

I would probably be able to level up and have a better status when everything resets in January for the official game to start with this decision-making process.

Unlock Our hero2 and hero3

I guess I was late in unlocking my hero2 while others had unlocked it much earlier.

With hero2 unlocked, we would be fighting an opponent with two players.

My weaker hero would usually go first followed by my stronger hero.

Not sure whether it is by default that the weaker one would always be the first to have the fight.

Unlocking our hero2 and hero3 would definitely give us fighting advantage against an opponent.

Arena Zone

There is more than 20 active test players now and I am definitely losing ground even when I am playing regularly and levelling up daily.

My current rank at Arena is 10 which is 3 level down from my previous rank of 7.


@remy98, @nerdtopiade and @mickvir rose up very quickly.

Fight History.PNG

My total breadcrumbs is 181657 at rank 7 which is one level down too.


Let’s see whether I can get myself up a few ranks later on.

Character Status

I was at Level 16 for my Character Status yesterday. I managed to move up to Level 18 which is 2 levels up.


Damage Increase: From 235 to 242
HP Increase: From 4177 to 4748
Crit Chance Decrease: From 10% to 9%
Strength Increase: From 97 to 100
Constitution Increase: From 117 to 119
Luck Increase: From 62 to 64
Intelligence: Remain the same at 17
Dexterity Increase: From 15 to 16.

Thanks for reading my sharing about my test play of Holybread and it would be nice that other test players can share their experience with a post like mine if you can spare the time to do so.

By the way, @auminda has indicated that she would make a video soon about Holybread in one of her comments in my post. We can definitely learn and find out more from this top player for Holybread.

That is all I have to share for my gaming at Holybread today.

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Good work. I've suggested your post to @curangel. (:

Thank you very much! I really didn't expect so much support from different communities. Appreciate your recommendation to curangel.

Thanks @delegate4gg I really like your updates.
It's also nice to see which things are unclear to new players. That's not always easy to see as a developer.

Your hero3 will always fight first in the arena. Then comes hero2 and hero1. So you can choose if you want to have your stronger hero have to fight first or second. I think the best positioning of your heroes heavily depends on your opponent you choose to fight.

PS: If you manage to find a weapon with higher damage you could be a lot stronger and get back to your old ranks. Maybe :)

Thanks for the useful info. Someone mentioned it was due to the level of luck but coming from you would clear up our guessing more. Maybe I can include it in my post tomorrow to answer this part of the question that I am quite sure many of us are thinking about it too. It is very useful that you are able to drop by to clarify things for us. We appreciate it greatly!

Luck plays a part of who attacks first in the arena. The system compares the luck stat of both heroes which fight first against each other. Whoever has more luck will hit first. If both heroes have the same value it is randomly decided.

Thank you for another answer.

Hey @delegate4gg sorry about your downvotes from Felipe :/
I can stop reblogging the holybread posts if that will help you.

He has just gone mad

Thank you! I just don't want to get involved since I do not know the whole picture of your issue with him. I know he is downvoting all your articles including those you reblog. I hope everything works out well!

I can give you the scoop if you are interested, otherwise it is what it is.
Hopefully he will not downvote you anymore :D