Test Play For Holybread #5

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Holybread is a new RPG style browsergame on steem that will be released in January 2020.

The official post link from @holybread is below.

Appreciate the support from the gaming community for my daily post of my test play for Holybread.

I do not have answers for some of the questions you may have since I am also an average player like you but it is great to see active communication by @thebluewin and @auminda for questions posted that I was not able to answer.

Holybread logo.png

Daily Claim Of Bread

We can find our daily tasks to earn bread by clicking our avatar.

Daily Task.PNG

When completed the task, we would see our avatar flashing and we can click on our avatar to make our claim of bread.

This is how the daily tasks work at the moment but there may be changes for better refinement by the developers since they definitely want to provide the best possible experience for players like us.

We can get more bread by buying it from the Bakery using steem if some players really want to reduce the amount of time spent on completing Quests as well as the number of Arena they can play within the shortest time.

Sell Your Item At The Market

When we go to our status by clicking on the Heroes tab, we can see the items that we have.

Click on the name of the item and it would bring us to another page where we can sell to earn steem or destroy our item.

Name of item.png

Since the item that I clicked on was on sale, I can change my offer or stop offer that was put up at the market.

Selling page.PNG

By default, the selling is set at $1 but we can change it to any price that we want to sell the item.

What do we lose when we attack someone at the Arena

Basically, we do not lose anything regardless of winning or losing.

Winning someone at the Arena helps us to move up level to earn more breadcrumbs every 15 min and earn a bit of gold at the point when we win a fight.

Each time we attack someone, we do lose 1 durability of all our equipped items.

When the items durability are too low, we can always repair them using gold or simply replace them if we can buy or find new items.

Where did the steem in pricepool come from?

100 steem was generously given by @thebluewin for the prizepool.

The rest of the steem in the prizepool are coming from players when they buy bread. 100% of the steem goes to the prize pool during this test period which is subject to changes when the game is being released officially.

Based on the purchases that I saw, the main buyers were still the administrators of the game so they are really putting in their money to reward test players for their effort and time.

When players trade their players or items at the market, the transaction fee also goes to the prizepool during this test period.

The prizepool would be shared among all test players based on the percentage of breadcrumbs that they manage to gather at the end of the test period.

Thank you for providing us the chance to play your new Holybread steem game and earn steem at the same time.

Arena Zone

There are more whitelisted test players that join us and I was pulled down many levels down when I entered the game yesterday.

I managed to level back to my previous rank of 7.


My total breadcrumbs is 127 031 at rank 7.


Character Status

I was at Level 11 for my Character Status yesterday. I managed to move up to Level 14 which is 3 levels up.


Damage Increase: From 220 to 231
HP Increase: From 2520 to 3623
Crit Chance Decrease: From 12% to 11%
Strength Increase: From 90 to 95
Constitution Increase: From 100 to 115
Luck Increase: From 52 to 59
Intelligence Increase: From 12 to 17
Dexterity Increase: From 12 to 15

I did not equip new item yesterday again so generally everything is up when I level up my rank through completing Quests.

My Crit Chance went down 1 %.

From discord, I understand that there are limited number of epic items that can really help want to move up our fight ranking easily even with lower status rank.

I have yet to get any of the epic items so I may be able to move up more successfully if I get at least one.

Thanks for reading my sharing about my test play of Holybread and playing this game has definitely become my new daily lifestyle.

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Thanks for another update @delegate4gg

I wasn't aware that that we can actually repair our items.

Each time we attack someone, we do lose 1 durability of all our equipped items.

Wow. You're becoming holybread expert! :)

Based on the purchases that I saw, the main buyers were still the administrators of the game so they are really putting in their money to reward test players for their effort and time.

Where did you see all thosep purchases? directly on the game or somehow on blockchain?

Upvote on the way :)
Cheers, Piotr

You can see the transactions of everyone at the link below.

  ·  last year (edited)

He is really becoming a Holybread expert :)

You can see all Steem transactions happening here: https://steempeak.com/@holybread.test/transfers
That's the account for the current Holybread test round.
If someone buys an item on the market from a player the Steem is sent to @holybread.test first. Then @holybread.test will automatically send the Steem excluding market fees to the sellers account.

haha! I am still far away from the top players like you and ladywalker. I am still an average player trying to figure out this game. Thank you again for providing clear info for question posted for my post.

How does a stat decrease? Thats is confusing xD
But more dynamite I guess :D

The crit chance is calculated depending on the enemy hero level in your fights.
A high level enemy hero is more "resistant" against your crits. You need more and more of the stat luck to keep the same crit chance against opponents rising in level.

For the calculation of the crit chance that is shown in your profile we use your own hero level, because there is no enemy at that moment we could use for calculation. So we have to take your own level assuming your enemies will be in the same level area.

That's the reason why it looks like you have less and less crit chance when rising in level but in reality the requirements against higher level opponents just gets higher.

Formula for crit chance: luck * 5 / (enemy_level * 2)

Ohh thanks!
So when I level up that stat will decrease aswell right? :D
It would then be

luck * 5 / (self_level * 2) right?

Yes that's right.

So your profile always shows your crit chance against an oppenent with the same level as yours. If you choose to fight enemy heroes with a lower level, your crit chance is also higher in the fight itself.

Hmm, interesting mechanic :D