Test Play For Holybread #10

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Holybread is a new RPG style browsergame on steem that will be released in January 2020.

Below is the latest update from @holybread with personal game sharing from @thebluewin.

There are 4 days left before the ending of the test play for Holybread.

It was really a wonderful journey especially these series of Holybread updates had received support from @nextcolony, @curie, @curangel and @good.game (steemace).

It was a privilege to get these support and I appreciate all who supported my posts because they are strong supporters to the new steem game, Holybread.

Holybread logo.png

Use Bread To Relist For New Items

In one of my posts, @auminda suggested that I should try using a bread to relist for New Items.

Item Store.PNG

After using the bread, we can choose which players that we will like the new items to cater to.

I was able to get quite a few upgrade for the lower-rank hero leading to regain my ground at the Arena.


I Need 28 More Fights

As mentioned in the post yesterday, I need to fight more to unlock my hero3.


I had only completed 56 fights yesterday and I have completed 72 fights at the point of this post.

Fight History.PNG

There would mean that I managed to have 16 fights.

I may just be able to unlock my hero3 before my post update tomorrow.

Arena Zone

I was at rank 10 in the Arena yesterday and I am in rank 9 now.

Fight Rank.PNG

After getting new weapons, it had made a great difference to my rank stability.

If you are struggling at Arena, you can try out the use of bread to get new items listed at the Item Store to see whether it can work well for you too.

My total breadcrumbs is 243107 at rank 7 which @debonaire is going to catch up soon.


@debonaire is currently my close opponent.

Character Status

I was at Level 23 for my Character Status yesterday. I managed to move up to Level 25 which is 2 levels up.


Damage Increase: From 293 to 622
HP Increase: From 5393 to 5951
Crit Chance Decrease: From 13% to 11%
Strength Increase: From 123 to 133
Constitution Increase: From 107 to 109
Luck Decrease: From 116 to 113
Intelligence: Remain at 19.
Dexterity Increase: From 17 to 18.

You would have noticed that my damage has more than doubled due to the equipping of new items.

The advice from @auminda was really useful and it helped me to move back close to my previous fight rank.

After the test play period, all of us would need to wait patiently for the official release of Holybread.

After playing Holybread daily, test players like me would need time to adjust ourselves as playing Holybread has become a daily routine and lifestyle.

This is all I have to share today and thank you very much for reading it.

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Hey how much gold do You have after 2 weeks play?

I am not sure about other players but I don't really leave any gold as we use gold to buy items and upgrade our character. I would usually use up to the max.

same :)

Please explain why you downvoted my posts 🤔

Disagreement on rewards.

Are you having a joke 🤔 edit you are following a downvote trail yes please take a look at my post and then tell me how it was over rewarded