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Holybread is a new RPG style browsergame on steem that will be released in January 2020.

The official post link from @holybread is below.

I was known as the active engaged test player for Holybread who did the most updates.

I was mentioned by @holybread more than once actually.

Below is the latest post update by @holybread

Holybread logo.png

With the closure of the test rounds, we should be expecting it to be released soon.

In the recent update post, @holybread mentioned that it would open the pre-registration to all players soon.

By registering before the official start of the Holybread, players can get 20 bread.

Pre-registered players can also start to use their referral link once they are logged in.


Breadcrumbs is an ingame currency that is used to reward players.

During the test play, we earn most of all breadcrumbs by getting ourselves a rank in the Arena.

The higher our rank at the Arena, the more breadcrumbs we can gather every 15 min.

Fight Rank.PNG

The top player would get 1000 breadcrumbs every 15 min.

@holybread has already opened a market for breadcrumbs.

The current plan is to allow players to trade breadcrumbs at steem engine and holybread would use 50% of its revenues to buy back breadcrumbs on a regular basis.

It is one way that players can earn some real money.

Buy And Sell Items

As players, we may get some free items during our quests.

These items can actually be used to equip our hero if the equipment fits our role and level in the game.

We can also sell our items at the market to earn steem which I mentioned it in one of my posts.

Name of item.png

Selling page.PNG

Getting suitable items is really crucial as good items can help us to rise in our rank at the Arena easily to get more breadcrumbs as a result.

Serious players would be willing to buy to enhance their hero in its status for better fighting ability at Arena.

With breadcrumbs indirectly linked to our ability to fight well, the buying and selling of items would enable one to earn steem actually.

Buy and Sell Heroes

We can also put up extra heroes that we get during quest for sale at the market.

We can fight as a team against other players.

This can help us to rise in our rank at Arena too.

During the test play, most test players bought mainly items and I did not notice anyone buying heroes so selling heroes may not be as profitable as selling items.


Gold is another ingame currency but it is not really going to help us earn steem or money.

The main purpose of gold is to buy equipment from item store or increase our fight ability.

We cannot trade or sell gold in anyway but the fact that good equipment can help us to fight better at Arena that would indirectly help us to gain breadcrumbs.

Getting gold can be useful indirectly actually.


Time is money and money is time.

Many of us are actually working adults and we do not have the time to play holybread throughout the day.

At the quest, we need to wait for 15 min, 10 min or 5 min to get different amount of experience and gold.

The maximum amount of time is 100 min based on the energy that we have.

By completing the quest of 100 min, we would need to stay at our game with time passing away.

Bread is able to shorten this 100 min to just a few minutes by using bread at the quests.

We can earn bread at the daily tasks but we cannot sell bread.

Daily Task.PNG

We can buy bread using steem at the bakery if we really want to speed up our daily game.

I remember that there were only 3 fixed number of bread that players could buy during the test play.

It would be good for the official release to have more options especially not every player can afford to buy large amount with steem.

The bakery should cater to players with different budget.

When players choose to buy bread, revenue would be gained by @holybread that can be used to buy back the breadcrumbs at the steem engines.

Even if players can only afford to buy a few breads but with thousands of small purchases, it can add up to quite a nice amount of revenue.

Referral Link

We would be getting referral link that would probably allow us to earn bread based on the fixed percentage from the purchased of bread by our referred players.

ref link.PNG

The actual benefit of referral link has not been stated yet but there were discussions about it at discord.

Getting more bread can shorten the amount of time we need for the game so there would be many who would be interested to refer others to play.

Gaming Or Earning

Holybread does provide a chance for us to earn steem but the main purpose of a game is really for entertainment and fun.

We probably cannot become a steem whale by playing holybread but we can get some reward as an incentive for playing the game.

We should focus on the fun we can have and not so much of how much we can earn.

It is really a bonus to earn while having fun.

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This is the end of this post and I do hope you find it enlightening. Most of these are really my personal sharing so it does not represent developers of holybread in anyway.

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