BASH Function to Error Warnings and Messages with Terminal Colours

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We sometimes need in BASH script to display messages with different format/colour to terminal console. For example, the warnings messages are blue, and error messages are red. We can use the following customize echo functions to display messages of different types. The colours are defined and easily customizable.



echoDefault() {
    echo -e "${terminalColorClear}$1${terminalColorClear}"

echoMessage() {
    echo -e "${terminalColorMessage}$1${terminalColorClear}"

echoWarning() {
    echo -e "${terminalColorWarning}$1${terminalColorClear}"

echoError() {
    echo -e "${terminalColorError}$1${terminalColorClear}"

echoError "echoError"
echoWarning "echoWarning"
echoMessage "echoMessage"
echoDefault "echoDefault"

This will show different messages to console:

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