Life is a Game

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According to Nash Equilibrium, the best and wisest decision a person makes is one that takes into account what the other party can make.

Accordingly, every prisoner will think that it is possible for the other to confess to him, and he decides that serving fifteen years in prison is better than life imprisonment, and even if the other prisoner denies the confession is better because his release is better than serving a year in prison.

The Olympic Games and its history full of changes and developments!

Because wherever people interact there is a game, games have many forms, including: symmetric and asymmetric and others. However, two forms are more common than others, which are cooperative and non-cooperative games theories.

You play on groups and alliances of more than two people and the game's bonus is well known in this genre.

The most famous example in this type is strategy games that are concerned with how the economic agents deal with so that each of them achieves his personal gain.

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