Foods that are not recommended to be fed to dogs

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Foods that are not recommended to be fed to dogs for dogs to have their own food, and their diet has a specificity like other organisms. Because of the link between human life and dog life, a person may introduce some foods into the dog’s diet, which will cause him an imbalance, and among these unwanted foods that are not recommended to be fed to dogs are: Fatty foods: A person may think that the dog loves meat of any kind, so he feeds him fats. Which causes him to have an abnormal accumulation of fats, which causes him obesity, lethargy, and difficulty moving, and even leads to pancreatitis.

Broken bones: It is known that dogs love bones a lot, but these bones may be harmful to dogs and cause disease if they are broken, or have sharp edges, as when swallowed, they may penetrate an organ of the body and cause holes in the stomach, intestine, gum wound or roof the mouth.

Chocolate: Chocolate contains substances that stimulate the heart's work, as some fines of chocolate may cause the dog to die. The dough: Eating non-baked dough causes flatulence, abdominal pain, and a loss of concentration in dogs.

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