Clean regularly - Covid19 Time

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The best way to stay organized is to set aside certain hours of the day to remove clutter and clean, it is not necessary to spend a long time on it or to have a specific time every day by the minute, the most important thing is to commit to daily cleaning for at least 15 minutes and remove clutter around you and work to regulate the environment And it is possible that the time in which you perform the cleaning process changes according to the change in the time you complete the daily tasks, so it is best to arrange the place around you every day after completing what you do and make it organized before you leave it.

When you clean and renew your closet by removing the old things and putting new clothes in it, then you will get rid of a lot of old and worn clothes that no longer fit you, you can then get rid of the worn clothes and throw them in the garbage, and donate your old clothes that are still in good condition to one of the associations Charitable or poor people around you; Not only does this reduce clutter and help you get rid of extra things you need; Rather, it will help other people in need and make you a reason to solve the crisis of other people who do not have enough to buy clothes. This is a beautiful feeling and an organized act that you can apply at intervals during the same year.

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