Determination to achieve what one desires

in life •  2 months ago 

Some people imagine that success is just a coincidence that comes to some people and not others, which entails waiting for the person willing to succeed until the opportunity that will make him succeed comes, and the truth is that all of these fantasies are completely untrue, as success does not come from coincidence or futility, but rather it is The result of hard effort, fruitful thinking, hard work, imagination, dreaming and determination to achieve what one desires.

The biggest reason for failure is that many people have fallen into laziness and wait for them to be an opportunity that will never come because opportunities will not come for lazy because even if they come, he will not see them because he wants someone who comes and then gives him millions of dollars for free, and that does not happen at all, and if the opportunity is an important thing in success, it is Also, it only comes as a result of effort, and opportunities are often the result of that effort.

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