Child's relationship with others

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communication It improves the child's relationship with others
communication helps the child share his or her thoughts and improves the quality of communication with others. It also gives him a deep understanding of why he thinks is the way he thinks, and the reasons for the behavior of others, so that he is more open to different points of view. Which will gain his relationship with others depth and understanding and improve its quality.

Form independent opinions
Between media and social media engulfing all aspects of our lives and the constant flood of dwindling opinions on various societal issues, it becomes really difficult to form your own ideas. The ability to think critically will give your child the freedom to think. It will protect him from being driven unconsciously by mass tendencies.

While the ability to think critically is a queen that is born with the human being and is behind the natural curiosity that creates with all children, its development and support are necessary for it to be crystallized in the best way and to be utilized to the fullest.

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