VLOG A Day In The Car With My Brother, Thank You Brother.

in hive-196037 •  2 months ago  (edited)

Today, i have some plan to do.
Since i dont want to go alone, i asked my brother to drive me here and there during my day.
The first step is obviously, i need to go to atm machine.
So, we went to the atm center in the supermarket near our house .
I went out alone since the parking lot is quite full.
It didnt take long for me to withdraw the money because there’re no waiting for the atm bank that i have.
Next, we went to the electronic store to take the phone of my friend that I’ve repaired in there.
That time, i told my brother to go out and took them in the store.
After that, i packed the item that i need to send to my friend.
Me and my brother went to the bus station to drop off the package to my friend.
After that, we bought drink because i feel really thirsty to the point of getting headache.
We went to Kopi Kenangan and i bought drinks for all of my siblings.

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