List of Super Foods That Make You Live Long

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As well as being delicious, seafood, like fish, has nutrients that can prolong life. But not only fish, but also a number of other food ingredients that also have great nutrition. Well, that's why the following series of foods have been named superfoods.

Yaapp! Healthy is the key to longevity. One way to get it is by choosing food as daily nutritional intake.

What are the nutritious healthy foods that make you live longer?

Be diligent in consuming superfoods, which are foods rich in carenoids, and are international. These substances are found in green, purple and red vegetables and fruits.

Purple sweet potato is proven to have richer nutritional content than potatoes and other sweet potatoes.


Vitamin C and its beta-carotene can increase immunity, so that we avoid all kinds of diseases. Purple sweet potato antioxidants are among the highest, able to ward off cancer, heart disease and stroke.

The green broccoli is equally champion. This vegetable is rich in bone-strengthening calcium.


Protein is good for eye health. While the B vitamins are abundant, it can help the process of DNA synthesis, so it is good for pregnant women to consume, so that children are not born with defects.

Next comes the berry family.


Strawberries, blueberries, and cherries, can fight free radicals and flush out toxins in the body. The elajik acid in blue berries can even suppress tumor growth.

While cherries are rich in anthocyanins, can protect the brain and sharpen memory. Not only super because of their active compounds, vegetables and fruits are also rich in fiber which can facilitate digestion, so that useless cells in the body will be wasted without residue.

For meat variant, the best choice is fresh fish meat.


Fish is rich in protein and low in fat. Omega 3 fatty acids are useful for preventing plaque formation in blood vessels, reducing inflammation and preventing high blood pressure.

According to a number of studies, these benefits make fish proven to be able to prolong a person's life, two and a half years longer than people who don't eat fish.

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