Renovatio Day 9

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Renovatio Day9

What kind of life do you think we will be living after our retirement? I believe many people who are very capable just a couple of years back, now has to change their plan.

The global pandemic has changed almost every aspect of spending and savings. Those who are the top 1 percent richest ofcourse will have no problem with whatsoever cooking in the near future.

At this era, we need to sit on something that has a growth rate of 15% a year in order to fight inflation. Trust me, our government will never tell the truth. Inflation is just another number for show.

People who is taking average wage like you and me would probably getting suck dry by the inflation rate. I'm by all means not very much better but I have a small portfolio of crypto.

If the world economy is going to crash, I just hope I save enough crypto to feed me for the rest of my life(ofcourse my family as well).

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作為一個 speculator,是應該理智的把自己放在利益至上來做決定的。



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unfortunately it is a situation where no country escapes from that. In my country (Venezuela) the situation is difficult. In an economy that is constantly in decline, accessing essential products and services is a luxury.

For that reason, I agree with you, the smartest thing to do is anticipate the near future. Maybe these platforms help us stay safe.

God help us sister. Amen.

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I loved this answer hahaha totally I agree with you. @davidke20

😄😄you will be rich man

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Inflation! One magic word in my country! We have 20 years fighting with the inflation. A public worker earns approximately Two USD in the month, and need 100 USD minimun to live

I know. Therefore, #steem is a good hedge against inflation. I'd like to see the community start to see crypto as an asset, rather than money printing machine.

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@davidke20 I think that the #crypto is the future of the global economy, Although we are now in a downturn in #steem currency

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