Diego Jota return to training could bring more help to the team

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After Saturday's 2-0 defeat in the Merseyside derby, Liverpool are now five points behind the top-four, and the team has now lost four PL matches in a row. It was thus another challenging weekend for Jürgen Klopp's troops, and it was on top of that the team's first defeat at home against Everton since 1999.

Now, however, there is some uplifting news for Liverpool. Diogo Jota has just returned to training, and the team's defense Virgil van Dijk has just delivered a positive message about his rehabilitation on top of the terrible knee injury that has kept the Dutchman out since the recent Merseyside derby in October.

Van Dijk has posted on Twitter from Liverpool's training complex, where he does a number of different exercises. For the video, the Dutchman writes "Another day, another step closer". Neither the club nor Jürgen Klopp have given any further time horizon on Van Dijk's injury, but it would be a huge boost for Liverpool if one could get the defensive star back before the season ends.

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[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)