Digital painting - Love eyes

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Hello everyone....
Happy new month, I hope this month and the second half of this year bring us all our heart desires.
love eyes.jpg

I shared some sketches I made in Photoshop a week back and now adding colours to them, the painting process in Photoshop is fun and easy, it's just like painting on a sketchbook. You get to erase and add whatever you like, my only challenge is that I keep painting outside the lines but with constant practice, I'll figure it all out.

This one is called love eyes, if you look at her closely, you'll see the blue shiny love shape in her eyes, I also used my brush to paint little flowers all around her, I just love it.

I made this sketch as a guide and I know the final work looks nothing like it.

Painting process




Thanks for visiting my blog
Cheers 💞💞

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start success go! go! go!


great work.


Beautiful work done bro