Trend Recording Views From Heights With Drones

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Enjoying the beauty of nature, it feels incomplete if you don't explore it to its full potential, especially captured through a camera lens. But in the digital era like now, it is not enough just with an ordinary camera.

Now there are drones, or drones.


This tool can help photography lovers record scenery from a height, up to above 11,000 feet. No wonder, from this love of aerial photography, various drone communities have emerged in various cities in Indonesia, including from Aceh.

Even though it is sold freely, flying a drone cannot be arbitrary, there are rules that must be obeyed by drone pilots. For example, the maximum drone height limit is 50 meters.


Drone pilots must also know which areas are allowed or not to fly drones. Like don't fly a drone in a manned aircraft flight area.

In addition, we also have to understand regulations. That regulation is important for safety. Not only the safety of the pilots, but the safety of people who, for example, fly like this now, it also greatly impacts the presence of drones.

So, for example, privacy issues like that. When flown, permit or not. Before the photos, there was a permit with the place where the drone was flown. At least there are people, we have to ask first, right? Not coming, just flying.

Members must also have new knowledge, especially those who are beginners.

Interested in joining the Drone community? Anyone can join. Just look for the info on Instagram.

Happy hunting for cool pictures, huh?

By @midiagam

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