The Barred Green Colonel (Odontomyia Hydroleon)

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Hey photography lovers! Have a good day. This afternoon I broke through the bushes across the street in front of my son's school. Yes, while waiting for my son to leave his class, I took my spare time to look for photography objects.



I saw a golden soldier fly perching on the weed leaves. This fly is commonly known as the barred green colonel. In entomology studies, it has the scientific name Odontomyia hydroleon, a species of soldier fly belonging to the Stratiomyidae family in the Diptera order.




Unlike its close relative, the black soldier fly, the barred green colonel has golden brown features on its back, bright green abdomen, and prominent compound eyes with a purple stripe.




The weather this afternoon was rather sunny, so the weather was very friendly to get good quality images. I was able to capture the images from several different angles.



CameraSmartphone + Macro Lens
CategoryAnimal Photography
ProcessedAdobe Lightroom
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia
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Bidikan yang mantap bang @akukamaruzzaman

Terimakasih @tonitrade 😀

Bang @akukamaruzzaman, that's a unique animal. And just a shot of a cellphone can create quality images. Extraordinarily great. Regards.