Lego Super Mario | 超級馬里奧積木 (166)

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Sometime in April 2020, I found out that Lego was going to release a series of Super Mario set. Without any hesitation, I placed my pre-order.

2020年4月,我發現Lego將會發行超級馬里奧積木。 我立即就預訂了一組。

The Lego set arranged early August.

在八月初, 超級馬里奧積木終於送到。

Now let's start with Mario.


This module is completely done! View it from another angle, view 10!

這一模組就完成了! 從另一個角度去看看這一組 - 10!


This set of Lego consists of different modules that can build several different sets of routes. I am starting with the first set of scene, then gradually expand the build with more components to make the whole thing more interesting. Keep checking my posts everyday to see how far it can go. Stay tuned!!!

請一直關注我的文章, 我會慢慢增加這場景的內容!



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