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As I love to spend some time with birds and also have some collection of bird photographs. I decided to check my bird library and found some small birds. So in this post, I am sharing some small birds living in my area. The first smallest bird I capture is the Winter Wren 9.5 cm.



Next, I see that a number of 10cm birds and which most prominent is the world's smallest woodpecker speckled piculet. Other 10 cm birds are Black-chinned Babbler, Grey Hooded Warbler, Oriental White Eye, Red Avadavat, and Purple Sunbird.


1 - 10 cm.jpg





During my visit to the Murree hill area, I saw a beautiful Black-throated Tit 10.5 cm.


One of my favorite bird to photograph White Cheeked Tit 11 cm. This beauty mostly found in Pakistan. Another small 11 cm bird is the famous Chiffchaff.



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