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The Chestnut-tailed starling or grey-headed starling is a migratory bird and is also a member of the starling family. This starling is very beautiful and is found in wood habitats. I saw this starling once in the Rawal lake area and the stay of this species was very short in Pakistan. Both male and female are very beautiful but like other birds, males are more beautiful with a white crest.




I like the unique color combination of Chestnut-tailed Starling as it has different shades of grey color. They also have beautiful white eyes and a yellow bill with a pale blue base. They are very active and search for food on trees and also forage on the ground. These starlings are a bit shy of human presence but still, they live on tall trees near the busy park section of Rawal lake.





I tried to capture some close photographs of this beauty but they were sitting on high so could not able to get an eye-level shot. As these birds visit Pakistan in summer so because of hard weather, My visit to the Lake area is very limited. I hope this year, I will get some closer photographs of this beauty.






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