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In Pakistan, winter is in full swing, and snowfall in high altitude areas so many birds are migrating to low altitude areas like Margalla Hills, Islamabad. After a long absence, I decided to visit some birding spots in a remote area of Islamabad. So I visited Lehtrar area where there are many waterfalls and streams. I knew that in this area many waterbirds visit every year. So on this trip, I saw White-capped redstart, Plumbeous water redstart, Brown crake, and White-throated Kingfisher, which also live around water streams and catch fish.






On this trip, I also saw a lifer bird for me. I have been searching for this bird for years in Margalla and finally today I photographed it. This bird is a Winter wren that lives in cold stream water. This is a tiny bird-like 8 cm and also very agile, so it is very difficult to photograph it. I also got some record shots and hope next time I will get some closer encounter.




During this birding trip, I also saw some common birds like Jungle babbler, Red-vented Bulbul, Common myna, and Variegated laughing thrush. Margalla Hills, Islamabad is very rich in wildlife and nearly 4 hundred bird species live here and many new migratory birds also visit. Hope in the coming days I will also discover some new birds.





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This is so amazing.
You are really fortunate to physically see those beautiful creatures some of us see only on the internet or television and wish to physically see them.
Margalla Hills, Islamabad is indeed blessed with the gift of nature having those beautiful creatures in its territory. I just hope they try as much as they can to conserve them especially with the rising climate/weather issues. Conservative of these creatures cannot be overemphasized to keep our ecosystem balanced.
Thanks alot for sharing those beautiful pictures.
#onepercent #nigeria

They are living around us so try to spare time and see them.