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Yesterday I visited the D12 area of Islamabad to attend an art 7 craft expo. After attending the expo, I had some spare time so I decided to do birding in this area. This is mainly the foothill area of Margalla hills and many unique birds visit this area every year. Because of commercial activities and home construction, this bird's heaven is on the threat. During this birding, I found a Painted-snipe, a very beautiful and elusive bird. I also saw White wagtail, the White-browed wagtail, and Citrine wagtail.




In past, I have seen great bird activity in this area but now bird species are very limited. I found a flock of Plain Prinia searching for food on roadside small trees. I also saw a Grey-breasted Prinia. On a water pound Chiffchaff flying. Other birds, I saw in this area are Long-tailed shrike, stonechat, Asian barred owlet, Great tit, and Green sandpiper. I always love to do birding in this area and I call this bird safari. In this area, while driving on the road you can spot these birds. I am very afraid that in a few years we will lose all these birds' habitat.









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