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Last weekend, I visited the Naran area and I also saw some birds in Balakot Valley. I saw some ordinary birds on this trip like Stonechat, House Sparrow, Common Myna, Great Tit, and crows. Balakot is a beautiful valley and the river Kunhar flows between it. Many birds prefer to live around this river and are also found near urban areas.






Some waterbirds were also found near the Kunhar river like Streaked laughingthrush, Plumbeous Water Redstart, Blue whistling Thrush, and White-capped Redstart. All these birds mainly live around clean water but rivers being polluted and conditions are not ideal for these birds. Within few years these birds might shift to some other places.






During this trip, I saw some lifer birds for me like Western Jackdaw and Little Forktail. I knew that Jackdaw is very common in the Balakot area but still finding them was a difficult task. I was lucky to find Jackdaw and also got some close shots. I also saw Little Forktail the first time. This beautiful bird lives around water streams and is busy finding food in streams.



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