My introduction post to steem.

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Good day everyone this is my introductory post here on steem. I got to know steemit through a friend of mine, he speaks highly of this community, so i decided to join. So my name is Gbenga Emmanuel am 18 years old. Am from Nigeria, i am not working because I am a student, am aspiring to study psychology in University. Am also learning how to trade in forex, am already good In trading using surpport and resistance, by next week I will be in be trading live market am really excited.
I love anything related to money, food, and happiness, and travelling, because that is the basic of life. So am looking to see and read post related to that.
Am really excited to be here, and i hope i get a good warm welcome here. Thank you.


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Welcome to the steemit community,kindly follow the instructions on making an introduction post on steemit. This post should be made in newcomers communitiy,kindly join the @steemalive group using this link for assistance from me.

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