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Hello friends, all photography lovers, How are you all? May tonight be a beautiful night for all of us? Today I went to the forest to look for an insect that I could take a photo of that I can post on hive today.Not too far I walked and I found a very unique insect.This insect is almost like a bee but I don't think this is a bee.

Finally I decided to take a photo of the insect using my smartphone camera, The insect looks calm when I take the photo and it doesn't move so I can easily take a photo of the insect. Here are some photos that I have taken and have prepared for you to see.

I hope you like it and don't forget to leave a message or comment, criticism and suggestions, I really appreciate it because it will really help me to continue posting in the future.





Thanks You so Much for the time you spend in my posts.

Location PhotoIndonesia
Camera usedSamsung S21 Ultra
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