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Good afternoon all of you wherever you are, I hope we are all given health and safety so that we can carry out our activities as usual.

On this occasion I would like to write a little about one of my favorite food menus, namely mushroom.


This mushroom itself is one of the plants that grows in groups (simultaneously) on the main oil palm bunch waste plant which is processed by a group of farmers so that the growth of the fungus itself grows simultaneously and usually this fungus grows at temperatures around 28-35 ° c.


This mushroom also has very good nutritional content and is often recommended as a diet food. This mushroom also has a low cholesterol content, is good for consumption by diabetics, prevents the growth of cancer cells and many other properties that I have not written about here.


This mushroom itself can be served with various kinds of stir-fried food menus, and mostly served in the form of noodles, and I myself here serve this mushroom in the form of a dish of wet fried noodles and noodle soup which is certainly very tasty, can add to my appetite.



That is the short post that I can make today, I really hope for the support of all my friends so that in the future I will continue to develop in making a post. always give your comments and support, Greetings steemian Indonesia ..

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