Togetherness Between A Teacher and Students

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The teacher is someone who has a very important role in a school. If the teacher is not there, the school situation will fall apart, both in terms of education and school conditions. so therefore it is very important about the war of a person in the school. Likewise with students, students are school assets that we must protect for the benefit of a student in the future.
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Then the task of a teacher is to guide students so that they can be good among the best in the future. If a student does not obey the rules that have been set, it is obligatory for a teacher to guide him so that he becomes good. provide a spiritual explanation of what problems are being faced, so that these students are not frustrated, and always do good for themselves, and also for their parents.

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If a student has made a mistake, then don't take action immediately, but give them a warning, so that they will also think about the mistakes they made, then he will find out for himself why he can be punished, and what the law is for we give. for him. But after a few warnings we made for him, so that he doesn't feel awkward when he feels guilty.

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