Relax for a while at the coffee tool after returning from hunting

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Hello everyone, dear and kind-hearted steemit users, how are you on this happy day, hopefully we are always healthy and can always carry out our activities as usual. So with that health we can do anything for our life, especially for our family when you are married, and if you are not married then it is all for yourself if you are single and left to die. That is the hope of all of us, hopefully what we hope can be fulfilled. That is my welcome to all of those who have joined for a long time, and don't forget to give advice, if I am wrong in writing, because I am not an expert in writing.

Alfat (1).jpg

Hello everyone, how are you, hopefully we can always do our usual activities. So at this opportunity I will write a little about our journey looking for posting material for steemit and hive. After we mix up the macro ingredients from the Dean Forest, then we stop briefly at Alfat Kopi to enjoy a cup of coffee to relieve our fatigue.

Alfat (5).jpg

After we got home from there, then took a short break to calm down from being tired. then after that we went home respectively. and on that day we were very satisfied with what we got today. hopefully tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we can be together again for maci posting material. actually not just looking for posting material, but so that Thursday will always be together.
Alfat (4).jpg

Alfat (3).jpg

Alfat (2).jpg

This is all I can write for today, I hope this can be of benefit for myself as well as for others. That's a very easy way for me to remind us all, hopefully useful for me, and hopefully useful for all readers in general, thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to follow and vote for my posts. , and one more thing, don't forget to share this post with other friends. Thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to follow and vote for me to post, and others don't forget to share this post with other friends.

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