Attending Madrasah Core TEAM Training

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Hello everyone, dear and kind-hearted steemit users, how are you on this happy day, hopefully we are always healthy and can always carry out our activities as usual. So with that health we can do anything for our life, especially for our family when you are married, and if you are not married then it is all for yourself if you are single and left to die. That is the hope of all of us, hopefully what we hope can be fulfilled. That is my welcome to all of those who have joined for a long time, and don't forget to give advice, if I am wrong in writing, because I am not an expert in writing.

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Hello everyone, hopefully we are always healthy, and can carry out activities as usual, so at this meeting I will write a little about one of the most important activities for the benefit of the madrasa. Why is this a core orphan member, and what is the core team in the Ministry of Religion organization, namely the school. At that time we participated in the technical guidance organized by the Ministry of Religion office.
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The guidance was carried out for less than one week, the bimter was carried out to take care of matters relating to spending money at school, with this guidance we already know how to spend money, and also how to use the money, so that every school has no reason to be wrong. use the money, so that when the financial audit team comes to school, they will ask for documents and materials that have been purchased by the school as proof that they have used the money properly and wisely there.
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This is all I can write for today, I hope this can be of benefit for myself as well as for others. That's a very easy way for me to remind us all, hopefully useful for me, and hopefully useful for all readers in general, thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to follow and vote for my posts. , and one more thing, don't forget to share this post with other friends. Thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to follow and vote for me to post, and others don't forget to share this post with other friends.

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