Chinese athlete Qian Yang wins first gold at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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Chinese athlete, Yang Qian, won the first gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She won gold in the shooting sport, the women's 10-metre rifle competition.

Competing at the Asaka Shooting Range, today's match, Yang Qian is in a tight competition with Russian athlete, Anastasiia Galashina. Yang Qian became the best with a record of 251.8 points.

Yang Qian's last shot of 9.8 was enough to donate gold to the Chinese contingent. Galashina only won 8.9 points to occupy the second position with a record of 251.1 points.

Completing the medal podium in the women's 10-metre rifle competition, the Swiss athlete, Nina Christen. He collected 230.6 points.

With this point achievement, Yang Qian, was also able to set an Olympic record. The data was released by the official Olympic Twitter.
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