Landscape Photography || Panoramic beauty of the city of Takengon from the top of Burtelege

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Dear Steemian...!!!


Warm greetings from me to all my steemit friends and the amazing Atomian community. I wish everyone well in this community and in good health too. I am grateful to be a part of this community so that I can share and participate in this platform.

Well on this occasion I want to share some natural panoramic pictures that I captured when I was on vacation to Takengon, some of these pictures I captured from the top of Burtelege, Takengon, Aceh. Indonesia. Many tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of the natural panorama in Takengon City from the top of Burtelege because the journey is not too far, it only takes 30 minutes from Takengon City to get to the top of Burtelege.

Below are some natural panoramic pictures that I took using a Samsung smartphone. I hope my friends all like it.




Thanks for visiting my blog and seeing my photography


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