Ingredients from Nature as Cough Medicine

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The weather is uncertain, right, sometimes it rains, sometimes it's very hot. If it is the transition season like now, many diseases can arise. Starting from heat, fever, cough, colds, vomiting, all kinds of things.

When I cough, I usually don't take medicine. Usually I choose natural medicine. My mainstay is soy sauce and lime.

Well, if we talk about coughing, coughing can indeed be caused by bacteria, or it could be due to viruses. And when you cough, it's not very good, right, your chest feels tight. Especially when it's night, we can't sleep.

So, this is a friend at home, for example, if you cough, what natural medicine do you like to drink ?

When I cough, I like to drink kencur, or mint leaves. Because it's quite a relief when I cough. That's all I know.

Even though there are some people who say it's just a myth, I have proven that it is a fact. Remember, we used to discuss it, and it's true. But when it comes to medicine, a natural remedy for coughs, not only soy sauce and lime. There are also some other medicines that can cure some diseases, like this one.

Natural Remedy For Cough

There are betel leaves and ginger.


We already know that betel leaf is a natural ingredient that has many benefits, one of which is to treat cough with phlegm. To treat it, betel leaf is usually combined with ginger.

The method is easy. Boil the betel leaves with enough water.

Then enter the ginger slices into the cooking water.

You can drink 1 time a day.

Besides being combined with betel leaf, ginger can also be combined with kencur. This natural remedy is also believed to cure cough with phlegm and dry cough.

The trick is to make a concoction of ginger and kencur juice, drink it 3 times a day.

According to experts, ginger contains anti-bacterial substances, so it is quite effective in overcoming coughs.

There is another basil leaf

Apart from being a natural ingredient for overcoming body odor, basil leaves are also able to treat cough with phlegm.

How to make it you can provide 1-2 glasses of water.

Then 2-3 basil leaves, and boil it.

Apart from basil leaves, there are also myths about natural cough suppressants with white pepper and honey.

White pepper does have good properties. In addition, this white powder has a hot sensation that will stimulate phlegm to become liquid, and reduce the sensation of coughing due to mucus.

The trick, simply by mixing white pepper and honey.

There is another myth of natural medicine, namely using starfruit flowers.


He said, this starfruit potion was very beneficial.

Wuluh starfruit flowers can help relieve coughs.

The trick is to mix the starfruit flowers with a few grains of fennel.

Add sugar and water. Then after being mixed, drain and strain.

It turns out that there are also many natural remedies that can relieve coughs. It can be your choice if you have a cough. But by the way, of all the natural remedies I have mentioned, which one is better if, for example, we consume it while coughing ?

"Everything can be used, depending on the presence of the ingredients. For example, if the starfruit flower, it is very difficult to get it, because if there is a tree it can be taken. But if not, it can't. Meanwhile, ginger is mixed with kencur or betel It's very good because it's easy to get. In the market, you just have to buy, for example, like that. That is an heirloom or heritage that can be used for cough medicine."

Are There Any Natural Cough Remedies That Are Good For Coughing ?

The first is shallots.

Shallots can be grated for 1 clove. Grated, then squeezed, give about 1 tablespoon of water. Squeezed it, then put it in a glass, give it a little salt, drink it at bedtime. That's the first.

Then the second one we can also wear shoe flowers.


We can take 3 flowers of this shoe, then crush it, give hot water, squeeze it and drink it.

If you run out of shoe flowers, you can also take 3-5 pieces of hibiscus leaves, in the same way. Pound it, squeeze it, give it water, then drink it. It's usually great for kids.

Anywhere, you can use these natural remedies as alternatives if you are coughing. Even if you get a good medicine from a doctor, you can try it.

Okay, my friends, I hope this information will be useful for all readers.

Keep going on Steemit, because there are many other interesting info from Steemian friends.

See you again.


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