How to Process Papaya Leaves And Cassava Leaves so it Doesn't Bitter

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I am curious about today's teenagers who call themselves generation X, or the millennial generation.

Why, they don't like vegetables? Is it possible because you weren't used to it since you were little?


Of the several people I asked, only one said they liked vegetables, the rest didn't like it. The reasons also vary. But there is one reason I remember very well, which is because it tastes bitter.


Well, now I will give you tips on how to process cassava leaf vegetables so that they are soft and not bitter.

First, you can choose young cassava leaves.


For those of you who want to cook cassava leaves for the main course, when choosing it would be better to choose young cassava leaves. This is so that the cassava leaves are not bitter and tender quickly.

After choosing the best young cassava leaves, you can immediately weed them first, then wash them thoroughly with running water.

Second, boil the cassava leaves. When boiling cassava leaves, don't cover the pot that is used for boiling. Leave the lid open, so that the cassava leaves don't turn black or brown. Opening the pan when boiling cassava leaves will cause the smoke that forms during boiling to evaporate, and will not be mixed with cooking water. If so, the stew of cassava leaves that you get will still keep its beauty.

Third, add salt. So that the bitter taste of cassava leaves is lost, and the color remains green. You can add just enough salt to the cassava leaf stew.

The fourth one, add a spoon or fork. In order for the cassava leaves that you boil quickly become soft and soft, adding a spoon or fork to the stew will really help.

The use of this spoon and fork will make the temperature of the water used for boiling quickly increase. So that the cassava leaves will quickly become soft.

And finally, squeeze the cooking water, so that the bitter taste of the cassava leaves is reduced. So after boiling it you can squeeze it. Squeeze the boiled cassava water several times so that the bitterness is completely gone. After that you can process it into delicious dishes according to taste.

Benefits of Cassava Leaves And Papaya Leaves

According to research conducted by the Journal of Carmopology, papaya leaf juice contains certain enzymes that have cancer-fighting properties against various tumors. Such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer, without any toxic effects on the body.

This makes papaya leaf substance is often recommended in part of chemotherapy in some parts of the world population. Papaya leaf extract increases the immune response to cancer.


Second, papaya leaves can inhibit bacterial growth. Papaya contains more than fifty active ingredients, including karpain compounds, which inhibit the growth of micro-organisms, such as fungi, worms, parasites, bacteria, and various forms of cancer cells.

Furthermore, consuming papaya leaves and naturally can regenerate white blood cells and neutrophils. Papaya leaves contain more than fifty ingredients, including vitamins A, C and E that contain the immune system.

For women who often experience menstrual pain, papaya leaves can be your solution. Papaya leaves are very effective in reducing menstrual pain.


You do this by boiling papaya leaves, add tamarind and salt. Mix with a glass of water and bring to a boil. Drink papaya concoctions during your period.

Another benefit is that papaya leaves can help cure dengue fever. A scientific research and several case studies have shown that papaya leaf extract contains the thrombosive enzyme papay. Doctors recommend taking 20-25 milliliters of papaya juice, 2 times a day for a week for quick results.

Well, then what about cassava leaves ?

For those who don't know, there are also benefits of cassava leaves for health.


The first is that cassava leaves can help the body's metabolism. Cassava leaves are a very large source of vegetable protein. It is a type of vegetable protein that contains lots of B vitamins.

Vitamins are very much needed to build body cells that will form enzymes, which will help the body's metabolism. Cassava leaves are also a source of energy for our bodies. The content of various kinds of protein, or essential amino acids in cassava leaves, really helps provide beneficial energy for the human body. The essential amino acids in cassava leaves help convert carbohydrates into energy that will be used by the body for activities.

In addition, these leaves are a good source of antioxidants to prevent and get rid of free radicals in the body. These free radicals themselves are the cause of various dangerous diseases, such as cancer. And in the field of beauty can cause premature aging.

If you have anemia or lack of blood, cassava leaves are a good solution to the problem.

Now the question is, which one is more nutritious and healthier, cassava leaves or papaya leaves?

From the nutritional content, cassava leaves and papaya leaves are relatively the same. They are both rich in iron, so they are also rich in calcium, are a source of micronutrients and also high fiber. But in terms of different phytochemicals.

So, if the cassava leaves have plafanoid activity, it is able to shorten the bleeding time. Then it speeds up the clotting process, increases the trococyte count, so that it can clot the blood faster. But if the papaya leaves have more effect on pharmacology. So he's anti-bacterial, and anti-malaria.

Well, if you pay attention to my discussion today, I'm not talking about which one is more beneficial between cassava leaves and papaya leaves. Because these two vegetables have very good benefits for the body.

The question now, are you still hesitant to eat vegetables ?

Don't ever hesitate.

Alright, until here is my information for today. Hopefully useful for all readers.

I will still come back with other interesting information, God willing.

See you again.

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