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Muhammad SAW's role model, emphatically said, a woman is usually married because of 4 cases.

Treasure, lineage, descent, beauty and religion.

So give priority to choosing women who are religious. You will lose if you don't choose it. So it's not a girl or a widow.

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Even if there is a difference between a girl and a widow, the most basic thing in religion is when you accept a proposal.

A widow has more right to herself, to make decisions about marriage than to her guardian. And a girl should be asked for her permission in her case. And the permission is his silence.

And the mark of our soul mate, once again, is not about the widow or the girl, not the virgin or the widower. But it is very simple, because a match is 3 S. Who can best understand, forgive and motivate us to be better, and encourage us to be more active in approaching HIM. God willing, that is our soul mate.

So, look for someone who wants nothing but a soothing hug from one person, you.

And look for a partner whose heart is for one love, you.

Who always guarantees your prayer prayers whose body is full of courage.



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