Let the Winds Take Us

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I want to keep you in that place, where my faith lies.

If I don't belong to you, then I won't belong to anyone else either.

No one knows where the wind will take us.

No one knows where this wind is taking us.

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These winds are unknown and rebellious, no one knows where they take us, neither you nor I know.

Memories you made, I don't know how long they'll be together.

Mornings, nights, and monsoons will change with these memories alone.

You know that the city of my dreams exists because of your presence.

The wind is calling, I don't know what the wind is trying to convey.

Why does your face have a resemblance to the one I saw in my dream, what's the secret behind this?

You are not mine yesterday, you will not be mine tomorrow, you are mine only for one day.

My loyalty is only for you
I just prayed for you.



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