Some Oddball Clips Made For Tik Tok. 5 Entertaining Clips!!

in hive-151446 •  4 months ago 

Recently made some some strange short videos on tik Tok. Trying to build a character and make more connections. It has given me a bit more exposure for my music so far too! I even gave a production tip to a tik toker musician. Wow, I actually know more than I thought.

The first clip is all glitched with emojis!! It has a Cyberpunk 2020 Dystopian Future theme to it!!

Second video is a reaction to someone who was making fun of tweakers on a video on tiktok. Yea that really pissed me off

The next video is about a secret code on tik Tok. You say ririririri with whatever spaces in a comment, then someone translates it for you and it says really strange wild things back at you!!

The next video is contemplating that many people have something in them called the 'inner psycho' that they need to deal with

Lastly is a video of Obama saying a bunch of crazy stuff about Y2K being Covid 19 coming through computers acting like we are gonna see purge day in 2021

Those are the 5 clips!! I hope you found them entertaining!!

Also this is where you can find my music

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