Some Glitch Vids On Tiktok Made Discussing Some Political/Social Issues. 4 Short Video Clips

in hive-151446 •  3 months ago 

I've been posting some videos of what I've been thinking about lately. They don't have much traction on tiktok so far, at the same time I have enjoyed making them.

This first video is about the cult that believes the world will be destroyed and our only hope is to travel to Mars

The second video is a follow up talking about how Muck dirtied Teslas name!!

3rd video deals with the overpopulation issue. It talks about if every woman only had one natural child the population would halve in 40 years

The 4th and last video is about how people cannot blame people or groups anymore, people will be known by the quality of attitude not an opinion.

It was real fun making the videos. I added some glitch effects to make them more interesting!! When I gather a few more videos posted to tiktok I will make another update post and share what I've got again!!

I would love for people to check out my music too. I put my project Synthesis Underground into some of those videos I post on tiktok as well.

Here's where to find my stuff!! Please subscribe and share the music if you liked it!!

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