Newest Track I've Been Working On - Synthesis Underground - Defer Drift

in hive-151446 •  3 months ago 


The latest track has some beeping type sounds in it. I was trying to make a wild alarm warning sound track then decided to put some of that sound somewhere else. Been busy allot lately so have been taking it fairly easy lately. I may be able to get an easier job soon, handing in an application tomorrow. Was glad I was able to make this track in the last while. It's good if I have something of a project to work at. It's still my therapy and get in some practice.

Here is the song!!

Every time I make something I feel better. I feel I'm getting better with the sound. So I will be onto my next one!!

I hope more people can check out all the music I've put out there. If you like it please share and subscribe

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