New Weird Track! Synthesis Underground - Outgroan

in hive-151446 •  2 months ago 

A more medium tempo collage type song! Yea just messing around, having fun, while getting down to business. Making music as a kind of therapy. The song is a bit longer around 6 minutes. I like the way it turned out. Some of the sounds ended up sounding not bad. Just makes me want to make something else right away.

Will be helping get down with a bit of labouring tomorrow. May even hand in resume tomorrow for a possible different job. So I will be busy this week, still I feel a shift as always, relaxing into the sound maker processes. Feeling closer to evening myself out so I can be levelling expression farther. I think the therapy bit takes you places! It's like that further formation of self realization.

Here is the song!

I remember that feeling back in the day where the vibe is cool, yet the people around were not very good at it. I feel that vibe around again. To that next level frame I felt beyond the scene. I like how this song feels like it's going to end then trails off for awhile.

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