New Track! Synthesis Underground - Rangeling Runaround

in hive-151446 •  3 months ago 


There is a song I was working on in the last while. I put some extra stuff to it tonight, I liked where it went so I put it out just now. I find this feeling where almost everything seems uninteresting, making the music is a way to make something that moves. It helps to keep me together. I've had a long grind in the last weeks, with a project with the family. Will have to be back to being busy this week again. I will try to make something up when I can. I was lucky to take weekend off, recover and relax some, with some time to make some noise.

Here is the song!!

I was trying to look up some evil key signatures haha so I can be making a track going ballistic!! I like to charge that forward. The song is a strange dimension kinda

I have put allot of music out in the last while, it can be found around a few sites

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