New Synthesis Underground Single Out On All Platforms - Rangeling Runaround

in hive-151446 •  2 months ago 

Glad I've been making more music into the year! I should be able to work on something new this weekend here. I'm glad I got this track out! It's one of the better tracks I've made recently. Somehow my mind is really taking off. Meeting allot of musicians on tik Tok. Gaining a few more ears on the music and connections. Also there is quite a bit of music coming out recently 'cause of the lockdowns and such. I'm able to focus more yet the situation is still tense. Makes for a bit of shocking me into making more so I don't go stir crazy or get to stressed. Gotta do something for me like self expression. Find that other reality, create some alchemy while getting away from it all for a moment with the sound sequencing.

Here is where you can find the song.

Also I put music out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud

The music I have put out so far is pretty wild! I do look forward to making more. Sometimes hearing my own inspires me. Thanks for listening! If you like the song please like share and subscribe

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