Glad To See Cryptos Rallying Finally!! Some Self Thought

in hive-151446 •  2 months ago 

Maybe the hell clown era is over!! Things seem to be going ok right now. More people are hearing my music lately. Going through the winter deep freeze. I think also finally some real winter! Applied to a job today. Not sure what the future will bring exactly, yet I seem to be in an alright mood.

I felt something surreal like when I watched just a bit of hockey on t.v. today. The announcers were projecting the excitement with such gusto yet something felt bland and empty about it. You see all these hockey players skating around and these announcers going off on how BIG this game is and blah blah blah yet there are no audience members in attendance to the game! It just felt so weird I couldn't help but start laughing a whole lot. It's like if you were watching Jerry Springer without an audience!!

I don't mind the whole situation getting weird and quirky as long as it gets better for people. I think a shift is happening at large. I'm going for the turnaround, I can feel it. I just need to set aside some time for myself, have that focus. It's late again so should go to sleep now to get through the rest of the week.

I'm glad more have got the chance to hear my tunes lately! Here is where these sounds are to be found

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