Exploring The Park In The City By My Ma's House. Photography and Video clip

in hive-151446 •  2 months ago 

I was pretty glad to get out the other day. Been so long since I went to the city and visited my mother. Went to the bookstore so she could get more books, that's where this old building is. Then we went out to the park not too far from her place by the river. Enjoyed the walk. Was nice to see people out and about.

I enjoyed that little walk by the river. Was warm enough and still got to enjoy the snow. Weather is getting warmer again so hopefully can go walking/hiking at some more interesting locations. I seem to like bridges. Sometimes take photos of them.

And I love the river!

I'm actually hoping to do some bike riding again soon. Great way to explore.

Here is a video montage of the walk in the park!

Getting out helps break out my routine so I can get back to music, deep thinking and creativity. Working on a newer song. Here are the links to my music I would love for you to check out! It's all music therapy to me. An older waitress remembered when I put lyrics to my music. The project Synthesis Underground is all instrumental but I am thinking of making the next project where I put lyrics to the music. Her comment inspired me last night










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