Marmalade Cookie Recipe

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Hello Guys.
My mother asked me to do something sweet today. I wanted to make cookies that I had never had the opportunity to try before. I had these cookies last time with my neighbor and I liked it very much. I forgot to ask for the recipe, but many cookies' recipes are pretty much the same. Last summer, there were marmalades we made from sour cherries at home, so I thought they would be valued too. I love apple cookies the most, especially if my mother makes that cookie. No matter how hard I try, I can never get the taste of that "mother-touched" cookie. There is always someone around you who has a "delicious hand" and whose recipe you like. Mine is my mother!

I tried the recipe and it turned out pretty good for my first try. I wanted to share this with you. Shall we begin?



For the dough;
250 gr Butter
40 ml Liquid Oil
4 Glasses of Flour (400gr)
1 Egg (yolk will not be used)
10gr Vanillin Powder
10gr Baking Powder
90gr Powdered Sugar

Cherry Marmalade


I took the butter out of the refrigerator and let it soften. After it softened, I added all the ingredients except the flour, marmalade and coconut into a deep bowl.


I kneaded them all until they identified with each other.


Then I added the flour slowly. If I add it suddenly, maybe the flour may be too much, I pour it in this way several times. Do not spill it all at once.


I kneaded the mixture, which I added flour, until it reached the consistency of an earlobe. Do not make it too hard, but not too soft.


I bought small pieces of the dough that I kneaded. (I thought so, but I bought a little too much) It will be enough to buy it in walnut size. Roll the dough you have broken until it turns into a round shape in your hand. Then put it on the greaseproof paper tray. Press on it to give it its flat shape.


Do the same with all the dough. I had to do some of them differently. Since my brother does not like marmalade, I made plain cookies for him. You can make plain cookies with this dough. I put them in the oven that I set at 170 degrees to cook. I did not calculate the time, but it was probably cooked in 15 minutes.Each oven is different, you know better the cooking level and duration of your own oven.


I took the baked cookies out of the oven to cool. In order for us to apply marmalade, they must be cooled.


We will use the cookies in two. We put marmalade on one of the cookies and cover it with another cookie. Press lightly and let the marmalade overflow out. (Just like cheddar cheese overflowing from hamburger bread:) )


Let's dip the cookies overflowing with cherry marmalade in the coconut. If you don't like coconuts, you can do this with other nuts. I love to use walnuts, hazelnuts and especially pistachios in cookies. I am sure it will suit this very well.

Here the cookie is ready!

The only problem with my recipe is that they are a little thick and large (which is why I said make it walnut-sized), but the taste is still very good. A delicious and happy cookie. The more I look, the more I think of hamburgers. Don't you think it looks like tiny hamburgers?





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