How to increase the body's resistance to disease during fasting

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According to experts, winter fasting helps control blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, helps reduce obesity, inflammation, lowers blood sugar and boosts metabolism. Some studies have shown that fasting also improves mental health. For example, the risk of depression, anxiety and dementia is reduced. In addition, new cells grow in the body. But if you want to increase the body's benefits and immunity through fasting; Then you must follow some tips. Find out-

Don't skip Sahri. Sahri should be eaten at the specified time. Make sure you include nutritious foods in your diet.

Avoid fried foods. Fried foods tend to be unhealthy, which can affect the health of your stomach and heart.

Put different types of drinks in your diet during fasting. The amount of liquid food should be increased. Drink detox water from Iftar to Sahri.

Iftar you can drink coconut water, lemon juice without sugar or mint sherbet.

Can eat soup and salad as dinner. It is very healthy. These foods will keep the body moist throughout the day.

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