STEEMFOODS RECIPE/ Native Crispy Chicken with special sauce!

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Good day food lovers here at #steemfoods!

Today i want to share my quick and easy way to cooked your own Crispy Chicken. Since it was my birthday yesterday i cooked a crispy chicken to bring to our outing at the white sand beach making my crispy chicken is so quick and easy that you can made it easily for your own too.


Chicken Meat

Crispy fry mix






Soy Sauce


And Lemon

Here is a step by steps procedure


Put the oil to a pan or cauldron and let it boiled.

While you are waiting on you oil to get boiled mix the chicken meat with your crispy fry mix.

When the your oil boiled, put the chicken meat that already mic to your crispy fry wait for atleast 12 to 15 minutes to cooked your chicken.

While waiting to cooked your crispy fry chicken, slice your Tomato, Ginger, Onion, Chili and Lemon for your special sauce so your time won't waste while waiting to your crispy fry chicken.

Mixed all the ingredients you sliced together with your Soy Sauce and Vinegar. Now your Special Sauce and Crispy Fry Chicken is ready served and let your kids and your Family enjoy the Cripsy and Crunchy Fried Chicken.

At your service @bien from #steemfoods-philippines see you on my next recipe!

Special thanks to @steemitfoods @alikoc07 @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @booming01,02,03 and 06 to their hard work, effort and unending support to the #steemfoods and to the entire #steemit community

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Nice recipe